Watching that icky FoxNews

We got a rare succession of blown kisses to President Obama during panel time on the flagship FoxNews broadcast at 6PM. Bringing aboard Julie Pace, the ASSOCIATED PRESS correspondent for the White House beat, demonstrates how that leftie corporation (of COURSE there’s such a thing, ye with Marxian hangovers clouding your thought process) wants its relevance enough to go aboard the most-watched nightly cable news telecast. And FNC gets to be less “icky” for lefties out there. (As IF any of them were movable objects…)Image


My maiden voyage here…

I have posted op-ed’s through connections I’ve had at a few major web sites, but I’ll be putting everything into this flagship blog “for the record” from now on. It’s so easy this way now, the term “no brainer” pretty much applies. If it’s good enough for Victor Davis Hanson, it’s good enough for me.
My adolescence yielded (if quite reluctantly) is what characterizes how I feel about stating my views, so I make that the tagline of my blog. I’ve enjoyed an unusually prolonged adolescence, and it ought to have yielded something good. Meanwhile, I must yield my adolescence. Once you’re parenting other human beings who are not just props on your stage, the game’s up. The adolescent may pretend to believe nothing in particular and adjust it all to winning approval, but I stretched that out as many years as I could. It’s too late to win anyone’s approval; at this point my aim should be laying my cards on the table face up.
So ends may maiden posting here. Be readin’ y’all!